About Us

We’re a Team of People-Persons.

Technology doesn’t hire people.

People hire people.

Technology can find resumes and jobs, but we believe that the amazing connection between a dream employer and talent doesn’t happen in a resume. It happens between people. People make connections and people make it personal.

That’s why we rely on human interaction first and technology second. We take the time and effort to get to know you, your needs, and your wants — whether you’re a client or a candidate. We’ve been successfully matching the right person with the perfect position for over 15 years.

Because we’re not about putting a warm body in an empty chair.

Our Mission

We exist to help people, businesses and communities achieve their greatest potential by simplifying the hiring process while providing the best talent and job opportunities that fuel one another's success
-- Bringing excellence together.

Our Vision

Our goal is to change the perception of recruitment from daunting to exciting. We do this by devoting ourselves to the success and happiness of our clients, candidates and staff.
-- A world of talent, one team.

Our Values

We are open, honest, fair, and ethical. At Job Force Now we believe in people and want the best for everyone. Our team is passionate about being the best at what we do and bringing our best in who we are. Moreover, we're personally driven to honoring, serving and dedicating our time to veterans re-entering the job force.

Take a look at some of

The Professions We Staff​

Simply put, we do it all! Our professional consultants have robust networks in many different sectors. We’re driven to provide exceptional staffing and employment experiences for our clients and candidates in all major industries. Job Force Now works with companies nationwide with organizations of all shapes and sizes. Though not an inclusive list by any means, here’s a few of the professions we staff:


Healthcare / Medical

Office support





Information Technology

Whatever industry you’re in – if you’re looking to hire exceptional talent for temporary, contract-to-hire or direct hire talent, we can help! Our clients and their candidates experience a truly unique and high level of quality service because we’re a company who’s driven by exceeding expectations.

A note from Michael

It’s extremely gratifying for us to offload your hiring stress by taking the lead and securing you with exceptionally qualified candidates.

It’s the best feeling when we hear the huge sigh of relief from our employers after matching them with their candidates - it solidifies our existence and need.

If you're interested in working together, please head over to our Services page to learn more about how we can help you.

We've crafted our internal team with the same care, attention, and thoroughness that we value when looking for the perfect candidates for our employers. We understand that it’s not just about what you know, rather how you use what you know that makes the difference. We excel at finding winners for ourselves and for our clients. We'll find the someone who not only matches your company's culture, they also share your values. The sort of people we’d hire if we were you.

As always, I have an open-door policy so feel free to call at any time with questions or to discuss your particular needs.


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